New York Themed Living Room Ideas

New York Themed Living Room Ideas

Decorating with new York City decor is not easy, but you can give your home that special feel with some of these living room ideas. There is something special about this city – the energy and sleek urban style. If you love the Big Apple, you should try to make your living room as similar to its vibrant spirit as possible. If you want to make your room look like it’s from the Big Apple, consider hanging a Skyline lamp shade or painting a large wall with its iconic landmarks.

Modern living room with contemporary prints

Incorporate a piece of abstract art in your modern living room. This type of art is both stylish and calming, and adds an emotional element to your decor. You can create custom works of art that are as unique as you are, and choose a color palette that complements your home. Abstract paintings may be simple or abstract, but they are sure to add soul to your space. This article looks at three different ways to incorporate abstract art into your modern living room.

When choosing a piece of furniture for your modern living room, be sure to consider its function. Choosing too big of a sofa can block the walking paths of your space, making it impractical for storage. Choose multiple seating options to maximize the space, and include a small table for drinks and snacks. Contemporary living rooms can also be a great way to incorporate the past and the present. You can also choose a sectional sofa to serve as a decorative element.

A statement light or quirky floor lamp can change the tone of your space. A bold, seagrass lampshade is a great way to instantly update your living room. Pair it with a black wall to make it stand out. You can also choose a multicoloured rug to add to the modern vibe. Adding an unusual piece of artwork is another great way to make a modern living room look more contemporary. If you’re tired of neutral colours, consider investing in a piece of art or an unusual rug. You will be surprised at how much your modern living room will look like when you add a contemporary touch.

Bohemian decor is a popular interior design style because it allows you to use as many colors as you like, and not worry about being too blingy. Boho decor features bold art and plays with different textures and colors. The heavy velvet, suede, and woolen furniture of the above design is accented with a striped center table. Boho allows you to mix patterns and styles in your decor.

Pattern mix for modern living room

This pattern mix for a modern New York themed living room makes use of bold, multicolored accents in an otherwise monochromatic room. The rug anchors the space and has a bold pink geometric pattern, while subtle geometric prints on the curtains add a second layer of pattern. The accent pillows are in a variety of scales, with a triangle and diamond pattern riffing off the rug’s color.

Designers such as Studio McGee in Salt Lake City, Utah, have used 11 different patterns in their modern living room. Similarly, KR Interiors in Westport, Connecticut, have used an Ikat tie-dye design and bespoke love print on the nursery walls. Graphic throw pillows can also spice up your decorating game. In this living room, Jennifer Talbot has paired four different patterns on the accent pillows.

If you are not sure how to go about matching different types of textiles, you can look at the designs of Tali Roth, an interior designer in New York City. This room, for instance, features a bold floral pattern on a saturated black background. A black and white Toile fabric features a pastoral scene. And to anchor the arrangement, choose an octagonal ottoman in a bold fabric.

To achieve a striking pattern, your living room should have a mix of prints and textures. A colorful couch adds visual interest, while a patterned rug anchors the room. On a wood floor, a tactile rug on top of the floor creates a different level of interest. Plus, a large rug gives you more room to place the furniture and other accessories. It also gives you a large area for displaying your favorite artwork.

Skyline wall art

If you’re looking to bring a new twist to your New York themed living room, a piece of Skyline wall art will do just the trick. You can purchase pieces in a variety of sizes, framed and unframed. The skyline is so iconic and beautiful that it can be the perfect accent for any living room. Skyline wall art also makes an impressive focal point for your hallway, family room, or kitchen.

You can even hang an original New York City skyline print in your living room! The city is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, and skylines are a great way to display these. You can find full-color prints, black and white prints, or historic maps, and modern printing techniques make them all clear and crisp. No matter what kind of New York City wall art you choose, you’ll be pleased with the result.

Skyline lamp shade

If you’re looking for a lamp shade that reflects the city skyline, you may be able to find one with a skyline print on it. This lamp shade, with its metallic finish and New York skyline silhouette, will be a perfect choice for your new city-themed living room. You can even have it touch-activated to save energy! Just be sure to select a lamp shade that will match the rest of your room decor.

Besides the skyline pattern, another option is a New York City throw pillow. A throw pillow with the city skyline printed on it will add a playful pop of color to your room. It works particularly well with a black and white color scheme. You can even find a Skyline print in bright colors such as orange or turquoise, which will add a bright pop of color. If you aren’t sure about buying a lamp shade, you can always make a small addition to your room.

Another way to add a New York theme to your room is by purchasing window-shaped decals of the city skyline. These hand-drawn silhouettes are a great accent piece for your living room. These decals are available in many colors and sizes, so they’ll fit into almost any design style. They can either be the focal point of the room or just a decorative accent.

Skyline soy candle

Use the NYC skyline as inspiration for your decorating scheme. With soy wax poured in an American studio, this unique soy candle will add urban chic to your living room. This soy candle also comes in various scents, including “Burning Cedar” and “Sandalwood.”

It’s a cheap substitute for a real city. The scent of a city skyline will remind you of home or your trip. The candle’s sleek glass holder makes it easy to place in any room. The scent of a familiar city can also bring a warm and cozy feeling. You may want to consider using a scented candle in your living room. HomeSick candles are also available. These candles capture the essence of a favorite state in the US, based on scents created by locals.

Homesick NYC scented candle is perfect for a New York living room. This scented candle is hand-poured in the USA and has a 60 to 80 hour burn time. The scents come from authentic Vignelli maps of the city. The candles also come with 3D-printed candle holders for even more versatility. The scents of this candle are sure to bring back fond memories. And since it is made from all-natural soy wax, it can be used in a variety of ways.

If you’d like to go subtle, you could also opt for a window-shaped decal. It is a beautiful way to honor New York without going overboard. They are available in different colors and sizes to fit into the overall design scheme of a room. You can even set up a desk underneath it. It’s up to you – it’s entirely up to you.