How to Fix a Dark Living Room

How to Fix a Dark Living Room

If your living room feels gloomy and dim, you may be wondering how to fix a dark living room. Adding a light-colored rug and transparent acrylic table are a couple of ways to improve the look of your living room. Arrange furniture in a way that creates depth. Investing in oversize floor lamps will also help. In addition, it can help to place objects at an angle.

Invest in an oversize floor lamp

If your living room is too dark, the obvious solution is a floor lamp. A single floor lamp will illuminate most of the room and create cool shadows. Alternatively, you can invest in a removable ceiling light that plugs into an outlet. This way, you can have a stylish light without compromising on practicality. If you don’t have an available outlet, consider buying a battery-operated floor lamp.

If your living room is too dark, you can also invest in a reading floor lamp with an adjustable arm. These lamps cast light down and are perfect for placing next to a couch or chair. You can even invest in a full spectrum lamp if you prefer natural light for reading. This will not only make your books and magazines look nicer, but it will also eliminate glare.

Invest in a light-colored rug

Dark colors tend to make objects appear smaller. To make a small room appear larger, invest in a light-colored rug. Many people get caught up with color matching and make the mistake of choosing colors that are too similar. While some colors are complementary to each other, the golden rule is to choose hues that complement one another. Think of a rose, for example. The petals have hundreds of shades and gradations of color.

When choosing a rug, consider whether it’ll be patterned or a solid block of color. Wool rugs tend to fade and can look old and unattractive after a while. Also, choose a rug that’s comfortable to sit on. A light-colored rug will add a pop of color to an otherwise dark room. However, remember that light-colored rugs are more difficult to maintain than dark ones.

Invest in a transparent acrylic table

One of the most popular ways to instantly transform a living room is by adding a transparent acrylic coffee table. This piece of furniture is transparent and allows for 92% of light to enter. Acrylic is made from a material called poly methyl methacrylate, which is similar to glass. It is lightweight and easy to clean and maintain. In addition to its elegant look, acrylic furniture also lasts for years.

Acrylic is a durable, shatter-resistant plastic that is made in large sheets. It can be crafted into any shape and can have traditional legs. Acrylic also has a modern, sleek design that can easily match a contemporary home decor style. While many people have a skeptic view of the material, it is a great choice for any room. It’s lightweight and easy to move.

Arrange furniture at an angle to create a sense of depth

Using angles is an effective way to create a sense of depth in crowded rooms. For instance, if all seating is aligned with the wall, you will create an elongated, narrow bowling alley. By angling pieces away from the walls, you will redirect the flow of energy around the room, making the space feel more spacious. This trick also makes it easier to move pieces around in the room, and it will soften hard lines of a sofa or couch.

Creating a pathway for foot traffic is tricky, but it will make the room appear less boxy. If you’re going for a cozy feel, arrange seating at an angle. By doing so, you’ll create a sense of depth while making it easier to converse with family and friends. To avoid making the room look too crowded, arrange chairs in a U-shape so that you can create a pathway along the opposite long wall.

Embrace the dark

To create an ambiance in a dark living room, consider a strong color palette. Deep shades create intimacy, while lighter colors reflect light, making the room seem airier. Pale hardwood floors and carpets reflect the most light. If your living room is too dark, use a paint swatch to find a color that works well with your decor. Lastly, think about your furniture. You may want to use a patterned rug to tie the entire color scheme together.

Black and gold are a classic color combination that can have an opulent gothic feel. When used together, a dark living room can be as simple as a dark wall, an ornate gold mirror, or a chandelier. Don’t be afraid to incorporate taxidermy or other dark pieces in the room. While black and gold can create a moody atmosphere, contrasting them is a great way to create a modern, airy feeling.

Minimize decor

A dark room can be very unwelcoming due to the lack of natural light. To make it feel more comfortable, try to minimize the decor. You can brighten up a dark room by using light-colored art or mirrors strategically placed throughout the room. Also, you can replace bulky pieces of furniture with lighter ones. Opt for white or glass tables for this purpose. These will allow more light to shine through, and will help the room appear more spacious.


One of the first steps in determining the best paint color for a dark living room is to determine what the room’s mood is. If you’re looking to add light to the room, lighter colors will give it a bright, airy feeling. If you’re trying to add a pop of color, consider a darker color. You may also want to consider installing more light fixtures. Adding recessed lighting will also help temper a dark paint color and create a more airy feel.

Another way to brighten a dark room is to add a bright color. Light pastels look drab in low-light conditions, so opt for a vibrant color. However, be aware that darker-colored rooms may look like caves. To avoid creating a cave look, paint your ceiling a medium tone. This will help to prevent a room from looking too dreary and dingy.


When decorating a dark living room, strategically placing mirrors can make the room seem brighter and larger. For best results, use large, slim-framed mirrors. They’ll reflect more light and feel less clunky than traditional, oversized ones. Avoid clutter, as it will only crowd the room and make it appear smaller. Keep art and furniture light and bright to create a sense of space.

Mirrors can be placed opposite windows or light sources to reflect light. The mirrors will create a focal point in the room and bounce the light around. You can also hang a large mirror opposite a window or door. A large mirror will bounce light and give the room the appearance of more space. However, be careful not to overcrowd the mirror. One small mirror can make a bold statement, and a grouping of smaller ones can be as effective.


A wallpapered wall can instantly brighten up a dark living room, and the right choice of pattern will add depth and interest. Wallpaper with a pale background colour will reflect light better, so you may wish to consider wallpaper with a metallic finish. A wallpaper with this finish would suit either a traditional or modern living room. For an even more dramatic look, choose wallpaper with palm leaves, and consider incorporating a bold neon piece into your decor.

To increase the illusion of space, you should choose a wallpaper with vertical lines. This will make the ceiling appear higher. It will also help to make the room seem larger. Choosing wallpaper with light colors will make the room feel more spacious. Using a wallpaper with a vertical pattern will help to make the ceiling look higher and add a touch of class to your room. A bold pattern will add some character to your room, but the right choice depends on the color scheme and mood of the room.